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Thursday, November 11, 2010


If the delivery of your infant required a caesarean incision, or “c-section,” you’ll have some extra concerns to keep in mind while you heal. Remember, you’re healing from major abdominal surgery as well as from childbirth!

·         If you are asked to stay in bed, or if the effects of anaesthesia leave you too weak or nauseated to walk comfortably the first day, you can begin some simple leg exercises. Bend and stretch your knees, or press the back of your knees into the bed and then relax your legs in gentle rhythm. These exercises will help prevent blood clots from forming in your legs.
·          Your staples will probably be removed after four to six days. Your internal stitches will dissolve on their own.
·          Because the caesarean involved surgery to your abdomen, you may not be able to start eating solid foods right away. If you’re unsure, ask your health care provider.
·         Many new mothers have constipation and gas pains at first. Walking, light exercise, drinking plenty of water, and eating high-fibre vegetables, fruits, and grains will help. If constipation becomes a problem, contact your care provider.
·         As you heal, you will need to make sure your incision is healing normally. Contact your care provider if you have a fever or if the incision becomes red or swollen or oozes pus.
·         It will take four to six weeks to feel fully recovered from surgery. Allow yourself enough time to rest and to heal! Don’t expect to recover as quickly as you would if your baby were born vaginally.

·         Remember, if can’t stop feeling emotionally down or you have thoughts that are quite disturbing, do not keep it a secret. Talk to someone about it especially your healthcare provider

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